Leave Management System In HRMs

Requesting for leave is a critical part of HR management which if not managed properly could delay a staff leave period or lead to misunderstanding when it comes to tracking leave period for an employee. If you are an HR manager looking for a leave management system that will save time and manage your employee leave documentation, here is a review of PayDayNG Leave Management Software


PayDayNG offers a flexible leave management features you can use to enter employee ID, leave period and reason for leave application. With this built-in HR function, you can track all the leave that are running for each of the staff and their duration.The report section provides key leave information like:


  • Entitlements
      • Leave Balance
  • Transaction
      • Leave Carry Forward
      • Monthly Leave Balance
      • Leave Absent Report

If you want a customized leave report that will help your HR function easier, callĀ 09092942048, 08084708847

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