Attendance Management Software In Nigeria

Attendance management is a very challenging task for HR managers especially in a medium to large organisation with multiple branches where control is effected from head office. In this review, I will be sharing a reliable software you can deploy to track staff attendance with corresponding reporting real-time features. Attendance Management In PayDayNG


PayDayNG offers a flexible attendance management functionalities suitable for medium and large businesses in Nigeria. Benefits Of A Good Attendance Management Software


    1. View Attendance Report
        1. Daily Attendance
        1. Month Attendance
        1. Custom Daily Attendance
    2. Import Attendance
        1. From Excel
      1. From Bio-metrics
    3. Manage Attendance
        1. Generate Attendance Calendar
        1. Correction & Regularization Request
        1. Correction & Regularization Approval
        1. Fix Monthly Pay
        1. Mark Present or Absent
        1. Record Late Coming Request
        1. Revoke Attendance, etc
    4. Overtime
        1. Overtime Report
        1. Employee Overtime
    5. Gatepass
        1. Gatepass List
        1. Gatepass Analysis
    6. General Attendance Report

These are some of basic features of an attendance management software built into PayDayNG HR & Payroll solution.  For more information on how we can deploy a robust HR solution for your business, call our support center on 09092942048, 08084708847

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  1. Nice blog for attendance management software because this blog showing basic features of attendance management software.
    thanks for sharing with us.

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